Monday, April 27, 2009

this is thousand island prawn rice. i like the prawn because it was crispy and delicious. as for the cucumber, i do not really like it as it smell a bit weird..Overall this food is nice...especially for those who like to eat prawns..this is something like malay nasi lemak, but it using prawns.. i recomended that they should put more rice..haha, since the rice are too little..

Ordinal lemon tea nothing special. is like normal ice lemon tea at other shops..but my friend likes to drink it very much, so we order the drinks. the picture below is my favorite drink ever, ice-blended mango. as you all can see, it looks nice and it taste delicious. it is different from the ice blended mango that you can get in other stores. so just try it when you get the chance ti island red cafe. i guess you guys will like it as i do...

This is my first time eat kuehtoew soup with a lot of vegetables. Haha. It looks so healthy. By the way, I strongly recommend for this, because our BukitBeruang was in the fire. So here I hope our student can away from sickness. So, start eat something which not so spicy, not so crunchy and eat more vegetable and fruits. And most important is drink more water!!!
but as we can from this seems lke the kuehtoew is very less..and i don't think this things will make us maybe you can try other food as well.