Monday, March 30, 2009

Actually I am Tom yam lover, the bottom picture is grabbing from other sources, and the upper picture is taken from Islandredcafe. Actually the tom yam is quite ok for eat, but quite disappointed after the waitress serve it to me. Because it give me some feel cheated by the cafe. The ingredient inside the tom yam which their have served totally all in small quantity and size. The favour?? Just same as normal tom yam lor. Nothing special, nothing special, nothing can for remember. By the way, from my past eat tom yam experience, I only can recommend our customer go to PJ SS14 try found out a mamak stall. Their tom yam taste super delicious.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nice Ingredient Coffee

By the way, do you all the noticed that the main drink of the Islandredcafe which is their coffee actually have added one healthy ingredient? Now I would like to tell all of you a secret about this coffee. Actually it has added "Hong Ju" into their RedIsland Coffee. "Hong Ju" can strengthen the spleen, warm up the stomach and this herbal also can prevent aging of blood vessel and so on. If you don't believe that, you can go to Dataran Pahlawan branch order it... you will found out got small small red red thing inside their main coffee.

Sorry >.<

At here I want say sorry to everyone and our lecturer because effect of my lazybones. So here I want to start introduce my previous dinner set >.<. This is common food in our country, also inside this Islandredcafe which is Nasi lemak. After I order this food from this cafe, I found out their chicken of nasi lemak very big size ^^. I think it worth to eat because normally outside nasi lemak everything is in small size.