Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sorry >.<

At here I want say sorry to everyone and our lecturer because effect of my lazybones. So here I want to start introduce my previous dinner set >.<. This is common food in our country, also inside this Islandredcafe which is Nasi lemak. After I order this food from this cafe, I found out their chicken of nasi lemak very big size ^^. I think it worth to eat because normally outside nasi lemak everything is in small size.


  1. Den i may try, coz the food i order just shown that the plate is large but the food inside the plate is not really in big quantity. hahaha

  2. yeah!!!! The food look like so delicious~~~
    I want go and try it when i free..

  3. i also wan to try looks great!!!

  4. wow, the food looks delicious...
    keep it up!! looking forward for more picture and more comments

  5. The foods picture looks attractive but the contents is quite short.hope you can describe more next time..