Monday, March 30, 2009

Actually I am Tom yam lover, the bottom picture is grabbing from other sources, and the upper picture is taken from Islandredcafe. Actually the tom yam is quite ok for eat, but quite disappointed after the waitress serve it to me. Because it give me some feel cheated by the cafe. The ingredient inside the tom yam which their have served totally all in small quantity and size. The favour?? Just same as normal tom yam lor. Nothing special, nothing special, nothing can for remember. By the way, from my past eat tom yam experience, I only can recommend our customer go to PJ SS14 try found out a mamak stall. Their tom yam taste super delicious.


  1. waw...after view ur post about the tomyam of the cafe...
    i swear tat i wont go for its tomyam...

    for additional information, its penang prawn mee also nothing special lor:(

  2. wa.. loook like delicious wei ~ next time will go try it ~ good intro !!!

  3. I agree with you, the first time I went there I tried the tomyam also. what a disapoinment T_T

  4. wah...looks delicious....hahaha....still havent got the chance to go there...always crowded by people

  5. last week i went there but their tomyam finish edi. so couldnt try it. sigh

  6. i havent try their Thom Yam by i tried thier chicken chop and is quite ok.their coffee is nothing special but nice. Is the cafe only open in the melaka area?

    your blog is ok but a little updating. maybe you can talk bout the free wi-fi there or hows the ambiance at the cafe.

    just trying to help a friend

  7. err~y tomyam is yellow in color?
    should be orange red color right?
    i will disappointed too if that is what i expect...

  8. well... the tom yam looked delicious from the picture above...
    it is so attempting... I want to try it!!!
    because I am a tom yam lover!!!
    but after saw your comment... phew....
    - NO to IR tomyam -
    haha! :-p